What You Should Know About Teeth Cleaning & Whitening?

Chicago Teeth Cleaning  Whitening

Having white teeth can have many benefits. It can increase confidence and improve your overall oral health. Whether you are looking to remove stains from your teeth or just want a bright smile, the Chicago Teeth Cleaning & Whitening services offered by Lux Smiles can provide you with a bright, white, and healthy-looking smile.

Before having your teeth whitened, it is important to schedule a dental cleaning. This will allow your teeth to be properly cleaned and polished. Your dentist will also take digital prints of your teeth. Then, if needed, they will polish your teeth to ensure that there are no stains and debris left on your teeth.

Once your teeth are clean and prepared, your dentist will use a professional-strength hydrogen peroxide gel solution to remove stains. This gel will be painted onto the surface of your teeth. You will be instructed to leave the solution on your teeth for 30 minutes.

After the whitening process, you will be given a whitening tray to use at home. These trays are a great way to whiten your teeth when you are on vacation or on business trips. However, it is important to be careful to avoid overdoing the whitening, as it can cause damage to your enamel. Also, do not brush your teeth for extended periods of time. Instead, brush your teeth after meals and avoid highly staining foods.

Some of the most common stains include coffee, tea, red wine, and cola. Other causes of tooth discoloration include dental trauma, aging, and poor eating habits.

When it comes to removing stains from your teeth, you can opt for a home whitening kit or visit a professional. If you choose the home method, you should make sure you purchase a specially formulated whitening toothpaste. You should also avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

While it may seem that over-the-counter whitening solutions are the most cost-effective, they aren’t very effective. A professional teeth whitening procedure is much more effective and can achieve the desired results in a shorter amount of time.

Professional Chicago Teeth Cleaning & Whitening is a great way to increase your confidence. Having a bright, white smile can be a powerful boost to your self-esteem. Regardless of the method you decide to use, you should avoid overuse of the whitening process to keep your teeth looking as bright as possible.

In addition to taking care of your teeth, it’s a good idea to follow a healthy eating plan. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit your consumption of cola and coffee. Avoid berries and other foods that are high in sugar. For the best results, you should also follow a dental hygiene routine and brush your teeth after each meal.

Getting your teeth cleaned and whitened is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your oral health. There are a number of different Chicago teeth whitening services that you can choose from, so talk to your dentist today about how you can improve your smile.